LBA Inquiry Module

Account Summary Window

Account Detail WIndow

The Inquiry Module provides a restricted, read-only chart of accounts to staff members who need financial information but do not have responsibility for financial data processing. A chart of accounts can be defined for Inquiry Users by locations, departments, objects or by simply designating specific, ungrouped accounts which they can view and report. The primary purpose of this module is to give administrative staff direct, immediate access to information about accounts which are under their control. Organizations using this module have been able to end the practice of providing monthly printed reports to departments. More importantly, departmental and building administrators can have routine, daily access to this information without calling the Business Office. The concept of decentralization of responsibility becomes more realistic when administrators are provided with tools such as the Inquiry Module. Information viewed by users of the Inquiry Module is up to the second and is derived directly from the live transaction file on the network server.

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