LBA Personnel System
Powerful Microsoft Visual FoxPro Database - Integrates with Microsoft Office
Novell & NT Compatible for 1 to 254 Users
Records, tracks and reports a broad variety of personnel information.
Standard and user-defined event recording

Extensive Data Collection and Analysis

The system allows entry of over 10,000 distinct types of personnel data, 
each of which can be reported as a group including:

Attendance / leave (types, days of week, costs, subs), 
Substitute usage & payments,
Certification recording & tracking of expiration & renewals, 
Evaluation history & tracking, Tenure status
Multiple Seniority Classifications per employee
Position history, Assignment/appointment history,
Salary history & Projections for Negotiations,
Educational, Employment & Health history, 
Special skills & hobbies,
CEU and Inservice tracking,
Military history and Trade experience.

Items / Actions / Responses Due in Specified Month and Year
Annual Salary Notices / Contracts Printed
Reporting by all types of information stored
Special Day-of-Week Attendance Tables by Location and District-Wide
Substitute Usage Reports and statistics
Salary Schedule Printing and Projections for Negotiations
Calendar Development and Printing
Certification Reports in Seniority Order
Evaluation Recording &Tracking of Assignments & Completions
Continuing Educational Units Tracking (connects with certificates held)
Age Distributions
Employee Directory, Listings, Labels and Rolodex Cards
Integrated with Payroll System

Shares basic demographic data with LBA Payroll System
Synchronization of Data
Passes Attendance Summary to Payroll for Check Stub
View and edit payroll master screen data from personnel

Remote Operation from Departments with Access Restricted to Recording Absences

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