LBA Payroll System

Powerful Microsoft Visual FoxPro Database - Integrates with Microsoft Office
Novell & NT Compatible for 1 to 254 Users

Unlimited Payments per Employee
Each employee can have annual, hourly and
per diem salary payments simultaneously with payments from multiple expenditure accounts.
Tax distribution for lump-sum payments (coaches, end of year, etc.)
Maximums for Hourly and Per Diem Pay

Unlimited Deductions per Employee

Each deduction for an employee can be marked as taxable/non taxable, pre-FICA, pre-Medicare, pre-Retirement
Prescheduling by employee,
Declining balance, fixed amount, percentage types
Global rate change provisions.

Check and Register Printing

Alphabetical, location + alphabetical or social security number order
Broadcast message on check stubs. Attendance Information from Personnel on Check

Periodic Reports
All categories have month, quarter, fiscal & calendar reports
W2 forms and disks to SSA & State Agencies,Draft W2 employee summary on plain paper
Retirement reporting (required state reporting)
Employee Earnings History for any specified range of dates

Direct Deposit
View employee check stub. Complete current payroll statistics
All employee "to-date" figures (month, quarter, fiscal year, calendar year)




Integrated with Accounting System
View authorized expenditure account codes from payroll
Verifies account code in accounting file when a new payment is being entered for an employee
Creates and posts accounting system expenditure transactions for each payroll
Optional Automatic Liquidation & Creation of Payroll Encumbrance

Integrated with Personnel System
View and edit personnel master screen data within payroll system. Print attendance data on checks

Departmental Remote Payroll Module
Departments input payroll for their employees for batch transmission to central payroll office
School and Water Departments (for example) can use Separate Charts of Accounts with Crosswalk to Town

Required State & County Reporting for Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York and New Jersey


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