LBA Comprehensive Fund Accounting

Powerful Microsoft Visual FoxPro Database - Integrates with Excel and Outlook
Novell & NT Compatible for 1 to 254 Users
Restricted (read only)
Inquiry Module for Departmental Lookup
Account Coding meets MA, NY State & federal Handbook IIr2 requirements
Control Accounts Facilitate Working at both Line Item and Summary (Town Meeting) Levels
Integrated Expenditure, Revenue, General and Fixed Asset Ledgers
Extensive Menu-Selectable and User-Defined Reporting
Unlimited Number of Autonomous Accounting Entities
Internal Audit Trail of All User Activity
Extensive User Access Control by Ledgers, Options & Fields
Department to Central Accounting (Town) Crosswalk of Payments

Disbursements / Payables

Warrants / Schedules of Bills Payable / Bill Lists
Checks, check registers, distribution reports, check reconciliation
Reports by account, vendor, date, month, year-to-date, range of dates, user
Vendor calendar, fiscal and analysis reports, lists & rolodex cards
Remote Batch from Separate Invoice Processing Office to Central Office
Approved NJ Board Secretary's report





Purchase Orders

Encumbrance accounting with and without PO printing
Choice of Full or Partial Liquidation of Encumbrance
Customizable PO for Pre-printed forms or Plain Paper
On-line, Remote Departmental Requisition System



Extensive Detail Reporting

Thirty different formats of disbursement detail reports can be qualified in terms of date, account, vendor, warrant / bill list, transaction types, check numbers, etc.


Each format has choices for date range, order of report, selection by account or account group, format (column) variations, summary by sub-total category or detail, checking account, warrant / bill list, ranges of PO numbers, vendor numbers and ranges of check numbers.






Cash Receipts / Revenue Budgetary / Accrual / Deferred Revenue
Deposit Tickets & Extensive Reporting Monthly Reporting, Semi-annual and Annual Reporting
Revolving Funds Allow Automatic Allocation of Receipts to Corresponding Disbursement Accounts
Capable of Remote Batch and/or On-line Interactive Entry from Separate Processing Offices
Allows refund checks to be generated from a Revenue Account and included on a Warrant / Bill List

General Ledger

Automatic Posting from Expenditure & Revenue Ledger Activity
Trial Balance, Balance Sheet, and Journal Entry Reports
Detailed GL listing shows all subsidiary activity and journal entries posting to each GL account
Balance sheet disbursements and receipts grouped to identify all outflow and inflow of monies

Extensive On-Screen Reports

Immediate Lookup of Information on screen
Check Vendor POs & payments, payments by account, all POs on-the-fly
Account, Transaction and Audit Trail Scanning and Computations

Payroll System Integration
Posts accounting system expenditure & withholdings transactions for each payroll
Separate Option from Payroll Creates & Updates Payroll Encumbrance Where Used
Accepts ASCII batch file from a variety of external payroll service bureaus

Budget Planning and Projection Module
Integrated with Payroll System for Employee Position Budgeting
Records unlimited detailed purchasing plan for each account

Fixed Assets
Integrates with Invoice Payment for Automatic Recording of Fixed Asset Record
Conforms to GFOA recommended Fixed Asset information categories
Offers two levels of user-defined sub-classes in addition to standard classes
Reports by class, location (building & room), expenditure account, person reponsible and dates
Reports new and deleted Fixed Assets
Generates Journal Entries for Changes in Fixed Assets
Allows Creation and Reporting of Inventory for Purchases below Fixed Asset Threshold


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